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* Students submit WRITING PIECES and comments for other writers at: under the tab for each UNIT WRITING PIECE.
* Students seeking Advanced/Challenge Credit and projects should do a monthly tasks from NYCUDLdebate word "Debate the Debaters" tab, or "Advanced Challenge Projects" tab.

NEWS ELA news articles and questions
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WORD WALL SHEETS for Unit content words

Rules for Bibliography lists.
Instant proper Bibliography citations!!
You MUST cite sources within the text.
Here's how to give sources in your paragraphs when you directly quote OR paraphrase
from other texts or media.

*Geography True Size Interactive Maps
*TIMETOAST for Timeline project:
Create on one class account: "password" Timeline Research and Creation

Specialized HS Practice Test online Sample test and answers
NPR Insider's Guide to NYC HS options


Profile 1: Goal: Vocab./Word parts/Background knowledge

Gay Couples May Now Marry By Tribune Washington Bureau, 6.15 GAY RIGHTS

701 Edwin, Amanda, Michael, James; 702 Markell, Angel

Profile 3: Goal: Vocab./Text Structure Cause/Effect, Problem/Solution, Sequence....

All Eyes on Colorado in Battle Over Gun Control By Los Angeles Time 9.13 GUN CONTROL RIGHTS

701 Lesly, Carise, Keyla, Arisha, Elijah, Thailene, Abigail, Rafael, Natalie, Julian, Emily, Giancarlos, Rosemary, Nikita

702 Tyler, Matthew C, Destiny, Shelsie, Nicole, Allan, Franchesca, Tiffany, Gabi G, Gabi P, Kenneth, Sam, Julius, Ashley, Jeileen, Jandery, Dylan

Profile 4: Goal: Background Knowledge & words/Text Structure Cause/Effect, Problem/Solution, Sequence...

Confederate Flag Display Raises National Political Debate By McClatchy 6.15 FREEDOM OF SPEECH

701 Johnny, Jovanny, Wendy, Stephanie, Randy, Madison, Samantha, Alexes, Alejandro

702 Jaden, Jabreil, Tanaz, Dean, Matthew G, Yarelis, Ahmani

Profile 5: Goal: Close Reading linking author's purpose & structure/Academic & Discipline word strategies

Constitution's Checks Get Out of Balance By McClatchy 10.13 **Just Government**?

701 Gisleiny, Darvin, Kaya 702 Amador, Darleni, Deirdre, Mounata, Jesser, Christina

Presidential Candidate Issues to Debate
Limits to Free Speech and Free Press? NYTimes
Hate Web Sites Are Constitutional?

2015-2016 7th Grade Humanities HW and Projects:
The top calendar gives an overview. Select week or month to move through dates.
The second, bottom calendar gives more explanation. Select day, week, or month to find the date.

1. Explain the order and narrative point of view. How does it function to enrich and enhance the meaning of the book?
(Example: 3rd person omniscient or all knowing view point affects us how? 1st person narrator affects us how?
3rd person objective or limited can make us feel the story is real, which is important in this book because...)

If it is a non-fiction book, discuss the text STRUCTURE or order and 3 other text features and how they enhance the main ideas of the author's view?

2. What are 3 main ideas of this book? Use text evidence to explain each one. Profile 5, use a brief passage of the text for each example.

3. Make a connection: What book does this remind you of? How are they similar? Give 2 examples from each book.
4. How are they different? Give two examples from each book. .

MIDTERM PRACTICE EXAMS: Study first 50 questions.
Write 10 that you most need to remember. Explain which 3 are most important to know by explaining their impact on us today. Give an example. R.I.C.E. 2x examples.

Black Dot Group: Advanced research article for Redskins debate
Native Images Are Not Offensive- ATLANTIC MONTHLY
Blackhawks Image Controversy
School Bans Native American Sports Team Logos
Ban Racist Images in Children's Books Only

Juan Rodriguez reading

MONSTER Advanced Literary Group Discussion Questions: Open and select your favorites. Choose 2 to answer with evidence for each session.

Monster Beginning questions: All answer:
1) Setting details that create the mood of evil/ danger/ injustice include_
2) Besdes the central character, 3 other important characters are , _, .
A reason each one is important is because,,
3) We infer peoples' personalities from
A) What they do
B) What they say about themselves
C) What others say about them.

Using the central character of the book, give an example of what he is like so far from
A) B) C) above.

Tips to Help Your Student Do Better:
1.Help students read 20 min. every night!
2.Help students keep organized with PLANNER, BINDER, HW.
3.Talk and debate__! See all points of view. Get evidence. Join debate!

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RECOMMENDED CLASSES Free Writing Workshops in Fort Washington

Most students use their time at computers inefficiently. Online time should show written results.
Humanities students will read and research at given sites, but work is usually submitted in writing.


GEOGRAPHY: "True Size"

NEWS: TIMEforKids news site News Stories
News ELA Read and answer relevant articles at your level.

VOCABULARY: Quizlet Tier 2 words and Unit WORD WALL words


Learning Handouts, Readings, Links and Activities: (for later in the year)
Latin American Heroes Map

Citizenship and Naturalization Test.
Take the test. Write down your wrong answer with the corrections.
LINK: Citizen Test

Common Core Poe Questions

New York State Content Standards Social Studies NYS SS Standards_U.S. SS Standar