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7th Grade WEEKLY HOMEWORK 2013-2014
7th Grade Due Wed. 9/18

7th Grade Due Wed. 9/25
7th Grade Due Wed. 10/2
7th Grade Due Wed. 10/9Unit Word Wall Words

7th Grade Due Wed. 10/16

7th Grade Due Wed. 10/23
7th Grade Due Wed. 10/30 Class Handouts: 13 colonies map, timeline,
and Vocabulary: self government, charter colony, emigrate, banish, worship, tolerance, persecution, dissenter, artisan
7th Grade Due Wed. 11/6 Class handout pack: map, vocabulary, reading.
7th Grade Due Wed. 11/13 2 Readings on Timelines of Americas: Exploration, Colonies, Revolutionary War
7th Grade Due Wed. 11/20 Test Prep for Unit Test week of Nov. 25
7th Grade Due Wed. 11/27

7th Grade Due Wed. 12/04
7th Grade Due Wed. 12/011
7th Grade Due Wed. 12/18
7th Grade Due Wed. 1/8/2014
7th Grade Due Wed. 1/15/2014 See Handouts: Map of Yorktown, Vocabulary review, Revolution Reading
7th Grade Due Wed. 1/22/2014 HW Pack of 3 branches of government.
7th Grade Due Wed. 1/29/2014
7th Grade Due Wed. 2/5- 2/12/2014 MIDTERM REVIEW SHEETS: Map, vocabulary, Constitution & Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, timeline of key events and people, Compare Bolivar and Gen. Washington

7th Grade Due Wed. 2/26: Use papers handed out to find and answer:
1. Show on the map handout the Oregon trail
and label key states, cities, lakes, rivers, and mountains along the routes.
2. Tell why pioneers went west (2-3 reasons)
3. Tell the talents and contributions of an important pioneer leader
7th Grade Due Wed. 3/5/2014 Vocabulary and Biography Poster
on a Multicultural Person

7th Grade Due Wed. 3/12/2014 Map and Readings
7th Grade Due Wed. 3/19/2014 Reading, Vocabulary pack and writing.
7th Grade Due Wed. 3/26/2014
Unit Word Wall Words
7th Grade Due. during week of ELA State Exams: Students with a D or below in any quarter, or who have a 0 for a task, or who just want extra credit, complete an extra credit task. Suggestions: Repeat a HW task below, analyze a news story, complete a biography main idea report, rewrite an essay to raise its level.
7th Grade Due Wed. 4/9/2014 Class handouts of multiple choice, readings, timeline and map on Expanding U.S. in the 19th Century.
7th Grade Due after break: Wed. April 23, 2014 .

8th Grade WEEKLY HOMEWORK 2013-2014
8th Due Tues. 9/24World Map

8th Due Tues. 10/1
8th Due Tues. 10/8
8th Due Tues. 10/15Unit Words:

8th Due Tues. 10/22
8th Due Tues. 10/29 Bibliography and sentence from Majority Decision, See vocabulary sheet and Bibliography model given in class.
8th Due Tues. 11/6 Biography of Pulitzer.
Copy source and quotes of a CONCURRING or MAJORITY decision to your trial.
Write your idea of an opposing or arguing point to this.
8th DUE TUESDAY 11/12 (to show at Parent Conferences)
A final, corrected typed draft of 1st half of Exit Trial Research with BIbliography. 4 paragraphs total.
-Introduction paragraph: Describes powers of the 3 branches, states your trial, its verdict, and your view on the justice or injustice of that verdict.
-Summary paragraph - Who paragraph
-Constitutional amendment analysis
-Correct bibliography of at least 3 sources
8th Grade Due Tues. 11/19
8th Grade Due Tues. 11/26
8th Grade Due Tues. 12/03

8th Grade Due Tues. 12/10
Map AND type your 3 paragraphs on historical events that influence your Exit Project Trial.
8th Grade Due Tues. 1/7/2014--- But work on starting now~ ! :)

8th Grade Due Tues. 1/14/2014
8th Grade Due Tues. 1/21/2014 Complete VISUAL PRESENTATION
Photostory3, Power Point, or Trifold Poster.
8th Grade Due Tues. 1/28/2014 COMPLETE Exit Research PAPER TYPED with Bibliography:
_ Summary of trial-2 sources cited
_ Who (s) of trial (2 paragraphs for advanced/extra credit)-2 sources cited
_ Constitutional Issue: How it is important then and today.2 sources cited
_ Related historical events influencing the trial (3 paragraphs, 2 for strugglers)2 sources cited
_ 2-3 paragraphs on the Verdict, with arguments for and against2 sources cited
_ Your view on the trial verdict and whether it was fair and just.
_ ConclusionRestate the case, how the 3 branches did or didn't bring justice, and why we should learn about trial today.
8th Grade Due Tues. 2/4 and 2/11/2014
Review for MIDTERM Sheets: Maps, Vocabulary, Graphs, 19s0s comparison documents
8th Grade Due Tues. 2/25/2014
*1.ALL students must revise ONE Bibliography entry for a web site to use the correct form.
*2.Those who passed research paper: Fill in news analysis sheet on an economic news story you research.
Those not passing yet passing EXIT research paper, analyze this story with the news analysis sheet.
Should College Ball unionize?
8th Grade Due Tues. 3/4/2014 Vocabulary and Biography Poster on a Multicultural Person
8th Grade Due Tues. 3/11/2014 Map and Readings
8th Grade Due Tues. 3/18/2014 Holocaust Timeline Handout, Documents analyzed, Reading Summary on Fascism
8th Grade Due Wed. 3/25/2014

Unit Word Wall Words

8th Grade Due during week of ELA State Exams: Students with a D or below in any quarter, or who have a 0 for a task, or who just want extra credit, complete an extra credit task. Suggestions: Repeat a HW task below, analyze a news story, complete a biography main idea report, rewrite an essay to raise its level.
8th Grade Due Tues. 4/8/2014 class handouts on 1)Biography of Stalin and Rise of Communism
2) Map of Communist countries in the world that were, are, or were threatened by communists. Tell their capitals
North Korea (and South Korea), Russia, Germany, England, Israel, Cuba
3) a paragraph telling 3 places from that list that you would like to visit and why. Minimum 3 sentences on each.
With topic sentence and a conclusion that ties them together, minimum 10 sentences in paragraph.

8th Grade Due after break Friday, April 25, 2014.
PBS Vietnam War Primary Sources


Citizenship and Naturalization Test.
Take the test. Write down your wrong answer with the corrections.
GROUP GAME: As soon as you get 3 wrong, next group member plays.
Keep score and see who gets the most right before getting "ejected" after 3 are wrong.


Answer questions your classmates had:
7th or 8th Grade Topics: FALL 2013
*What are the Olympic Events in the Decathalon and Pentathalon? Decathlon, Heptathlon
*"Were Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. mostly friends or enemies?
What did they think of each other if they disagreed about using violence or peace for change?"
Malcolm X describes Martin Luther King Jr
Martin Luther King Jr.'s words on Malcolm X
CNN journalist's view

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Summer 2013 Tasks: 6, 7, 8 Grade: Biography Book Report
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Biography Book Ideas!
Popular Biographies
Great Biographies for Teens

Eighth Grade Exit Project: Step 1 Due September, 2013
8th Grade
8th Grade

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8th Grade History Curriculum Map Draft 9/14/12

7th Grade History Curriculum Map Draft 9/14/2012

Unit Vocabulary Words

Unit 1: American Indian Project Task
Latin American Heroes Map

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